From NeochaEDGE, “Victim, by QQ Zhou”

This is a three part illustration that makes a powerful statement about the impact of commercialism and consumerism on Chinese youth.
Artists Comment:
The series is called victim because many young people today in China have no sense of self-worth. They just go along with whatever everyone else is doing or thinking – actually, a lot adults are this way too. Most people don’t have a clue about what they like or what they want to do. As long as a group of people are doing something, or someone is convincing enough, most people will just blindly follow along.
My comment:
China’s strength as a military, economic, social and cultural force has been growing at breakneck speed. I have a sense that the people are so primed and ready to become victimized by the purveyours of globalized materialism. Ready to exploit each other in pursuit of a place among the economic elite of society, where money buys not just hummers, bling and cribs, but a fleeting escape from the destructive pathologies of poverty and neglect in which the vast majority are left to suffer. Inevitably the greed fuels greater environmental disaster, social demolition and repetitive military adventures, with an ever smaller number clinging to the top of the ladder, relying on gated communities and repressive state power to keep the masses at bay.
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