Terror police to monitor nurseries for Islamic radicalisation

Not sure what’s most disturbing about this. The targeting of toddlers, the profiling and demonization of communities based on their religious and political beliefs, speech and affiliations, or the sheer mind-numbing arrogance of people who think they can fix the inferior other while remaining incapable of seeing or taking responsiblity for their own actions and those of their country. How about a program for identifying youth at risk for racism, white supremacy and imperialistic tendencies before they grow up to be politicians and generals who order young men to their deaths in unecessary wars and authorize the bombing of innocent civilians in the hundreds of thousands?
December 11, 2009

Nursery-age children should be monitored for signs of brainwashing by Islamist extremists, according to a leaked police memo obtained by The Times.

In an e-mail to community groups, an officer in the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit wrote: “I do hope that you will tell me about persons, of whatever age, you think may have been radicalised or be vulnerable to radicalisation … Evidence suggests that radicalisation can take place from the age of 4.”

The police unit confirmed that counter-terrorist officers specially trained in identifying children and young people vulnerable to radicalisation had visited nursery schools.


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2 Responses to Terror police to monitor nurseries for Islamic radicalisation

  1. Ying says:

    The link is not working… The program you called for, by the way, should be a common practice in education. Should be…

  2. G says:

    The link should be working now. Thanks for the comment. I was being sarcastic about identifying youth "at risk" of any particular thought, but I do think a more thorough understanding of historical events that challenges nationalistic myths and vested interests, might produce people who better understand that their own countries’ violent intervention in the affairs of others has more to do with "terrorism" than any religious ideology.

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