From Latest US Attack Kills Six in North Waziristan

11th Drone Strike of 2010

by Jason Ditz, January 19, 2010
US drones launched another attack against North Waziristan Agency today, killing six people in the tiny village of Deegan, west of Miramshah. All six people were locals, and officials said it was unclear which, if any, militant group they might be linked with.
The attack was the 11th drone strike into Pakistan (10 in North Waziristan and one just across the border in South Waziristan) in 2010. The attacks have killed scores of people.
President Obama has dramatically increased the number of drone strikes since taking office, and appears to have escalated the air war even more significantly so far in 2010, as 2009 saw 44 drone strikes which killed just over 700 people.
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