Pentagon’s Gitmo Recidivism Claims Don’t Add Up

In case your own common sense didn’t already let you know that these claims are nothing more than fear-mongering, war-mongering, torture-justifying, complete and utter propaganda.

Researchers at Seton Hall and New America Foundation track the Pentagon’s claims that released Guantanamo detainees ‘returned to battle.’

The last claim by the Pentagon in April involved less than half the confirmed cases and only 15 named suspects, two of whom were never held at Guantanamo, according to Denbeaux.

The researchers noted that "returning to the fight" has included speaking critically of the U.S. detention policy. It has also included five Uighur separatists — members of a Chinese Muslim community seeking independence from China — who have been peacefully staying in an Albanian refugee camp, but one of whom wrote The New York Times asking the American government to respect the right of habeas corpus.

Seton Hall researchers detailed their findings here.

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