Haiti's wounded long to heal

Scott Weinstein is a nurse from Montreal, Canada, who traveled to Haiti after the earthquake in order to help provide medical aid. Here, he reports on his experiences.

March 4, 2010

AT THE sprawling, busy United Nations compound, there are no hungry people. Not many are Haitians either. They are being stopped at the gates while whites like me are waved through.

I have no business there really; I am wandering around looking to book a flight to Miami. I see many cheerful foreigners working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, militaries and businesses. Haiti is now a boomtown. The opportunities for aid and development work are enormous thanks to the disaster and the millions or billions of dollars being pledged.

Foreigners, especially Americans, are flocking to Port-au-Prince to pursue this offshore opportunity. Many are earnest, believing sincerely in their humanitarian mission. Of course, the thousands of mostly U.S. soldiers didn’t exactly come by choice.


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