Honduran Democracy

…when Lobo won the election, Hillary rushed to heap praise on him. Now she wants full relations with Honduras restored all around.

“Other countries of the region say that they want to wait a while,” she said on her Latin American trip. “I don’t know what they’re waiting for.”



More journalists murdered, union leaders jailed by Pepe Lobo’s assassins

The wave of repression against journalists and leaders of the National Front of Popular Resistance of Honduras continues to be unstoppable. This morning journalists José Bayardo Mairena Ramírez and Manuel Juárez were murdered, killed by numerous gunshots. The murders took place in the department of Olancho, on the highway to the city of Juticalpa.


The executive board of the labor union of the workers at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) were arbitrarily arrested on the afternoon of Thursday, March 25th and immediately sent to prison with their hands and feet cuffed like terrifying criminals.

The union leaders, 16 in all, are accused of the crime of sedition. Of those, 11 were jailed. Five of those were given house arrest on account of their advanced age, and the other six were sent to prison. The remaining five have gone into hiding to escape capture.

Thousands of citizens who went out on the streets and arrived at the courts to express solidarity and demand justice for the union members were attacked by the police. More than 200 were deployed and attacked the crowd using tear gas and blows, forcing the protesters out of the area surrounding the courts.


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