Robert Fisk: CNN was wrong about Ayatollah Fadlallah

I might have guessed it. CNN has fired one of its
senior Middle East editors, Octavia Nasr, for publishing a twitter – or
twatter in this case, I suppose – extolling Grand Ayatollah Sayyed
Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah of Lebanon, calling him "one of Hizbollah’s
giants whom I respect a lot".

Well, he wasn’t Hizbollah’s man, but no matter.
He was definitely a giant. A man of immense learning and jurisprudence, a
believer in women’s rights, a hater of "honour crimes", a critic of the
theocratic system of government in Iran, a … Well, I’d better be
careful because I might get a phone call from Parisa Khosravi, who goes
by the title of CNN’s "senior vice president" – what these boss types do
or what they get paid for their gutless decisions I have no idea – who
said this week that she had "had a conversation" with Nasr (who’d been
with the company for 20 years) and "we have decided that she will be
leaving the company".

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