Just Call Me Chris

Columbus’ Ghost (audio link)

by Mutabaruka

i am christopher columbus
just call me cris
i am he who did miss the land

i thought i discovered
that which was never
how clever of me to see the land

i came to tame
and claim
in the name of spain
i am cris
dont dis
my his-story

i inspired hawkins  livingston
mussolini  botha

i exterminated
against redmen  yellowmen
with blackmen i make no friend

i attack arawak
cut off their head
wrote instead
that the caribs ate them like bread

i never told you this before
but my chief navigator was a MOOR
you know the moors
they discovered spain
those blacks who came from the afrikan terrain

the idea that the world was round
i got from these same blacks in some little spanish town
now you may ask what was blacks doin there
but they ruled us for over 700 years
they made a great mistake then
instead of enslavin us they made us their friend

some survived
stayed alive
fought the invasion
european division
english agression
the fight between europe and european expansion

i wrote your history for you
did not tell you  true
not all blackmen came as slaves
listen you will know the truth in the waves
that brought the ships
lips lie
to keep intact
oppression of black skin
a sin
a myth
i am cris

the church perch on the opportunity to spread
the relgion of the dead
through misconception
the assumption
that this world was new

the wind blew us to save the earth
from beast like men
friend i am not
blot out the spot
that claim they are men like us
i am christopher columbus

i gave europe power over all the earth
500 years of your blood sweat and tears
now you celebrate
recreate your death
let the glasses touch
with the blood of your fathers and mothers
give a toast
my arrival
your dyin my survival

the land is still mine
the pope is still the divine
drink your own blood
call it wine

nothin in the pages of my history
will blot out your misery
you shall celebrate my victory
your children praise me
i am their only history
i am christopher columbus

i died
but you made me live
give me the sea once more
let me discover you again
the stain
my fathers sons rule

you celebrate my comin
i will not go
not from your mind
restore me for all to see
keepers of life
shepherds of my people
lead them to the altar of lies

your ancestors cries will not be heard
word after word
pages of history written
the victims are once more bitten

1492 to you
the beginnin of western world democracy
1492 to me
the beginnin of white supremacy

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